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Kundalini Bodywork

Energy balancing and realignment Healing

The most important thing in a kundalini bodywork session is that the person who is receiving feels safe. Once that is in place, there is a possibility for the body to open, and there can be a level of vulnerability experienced.

Once the person is in a state of allowance, then by placing one hand over the heart, to create feelings of safety, and one over the genitals, you can begin to cultivate sexual energy without touching the body directly.

During a session, the emotional body is contacted. The emotional body is part of our auric field, and is situated quite close to the physical body. What this means is that the person who is receiving is able to experience their emotions throughout the body, as well as experiencing their sexual energy being stimulated from a distance.

Once this energy has been cultivated in the genitals, it can be moved up the body, through the chakra system. Sexual energy is moved from the genitals all the way up through the crown of the head. This can lead to the experience of a full body orgasm.

Moving blockages for most people, however, the energy from the genitals connects with energetic blockages in the body, and it is used to clear whatever blockages arise in those areas:

What generally arises for people in the first few sessions is the emotions associated with their sexual conditioning, such as guilt, shame and fear, as well as the emotional stories of their life.

And exactly because of these blockages, it is rare that somebody goes straight into a full body orgasm on the first try.

What we are looking to is to move to that state where the energy moves freely, from the genitals to the crown. For most people, there is a journey to get there, a journey through the blockages.

If we can view sexual energy as a healing energy, we can open up to very deep healing.

£60 30min
£90 45 mins

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