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Tantric love sessions

Energetic $€X It's a thing- where your bodies is so aroused, so full of life, energy, exctasy, and your genitals can be involved or not So I sex, don't get me wrong, however energetic sex is next level for me To be aroused by light, feathery touch, to be stroked so light all my senses are hightened I had the best energetic s€x ever!!! (There was no kissing, no genital touch) Literally just energetic exchange and very light feathery touch with intention For 2 hours I experienced finger orgasms!! + Full body Orgasms that were so intense and awakening Breathing in the essence of the other into my body and exchanging energy through breath It was magical, an experience I'll never forget To feel my body reach heights of exctasy through just breath and energy My heart, body and soul opened Feeling the whole universe making sweet love to my soul My body is still glowing, im the happiest right now My sexual energy is all over my body and wow I feel so alive It is so intimate, powerful, arousing, extraordinary To be met by a person in this level is so powerful Every body should experience this hightened awareness and love penetration your every cell!! . . TIPS on energetic sex⏬ . 🗝️Be completely present -no phones,tv . 🗝️Both partners ground- feel connected to your body, to the earth, to each other . 🗝️Soft/relaxing/sexy music . 🗝️Breath- breathing deeply in your belly activates oxygen in your blood . 🗝️Sound- exhaling with sounds helps energy move around your entire body . 🗝️Eyesight- making eye contact for is extremely powerful (10 sec+) . 🗝️Tap into your childlike wonder exploring each other's bodies . 🗝️Focus completely where your being touched . 🗝️ And Breathe . 🗝️No goal, no pressure in getting everywhere, no pressure in having anything that's not present in the moment . . Explore explore and enjoy!! I am offering sessions that cover How to have Energetic Intimacy, Love making, Massage sessions, how to become.energetci sensitive, and sensual energetic touch in Birmingham . . PM for more details . Have you experienced any type of energeric touch?

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