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Tantric bodywork

Tantra is known as the Royal Path of Transformation ~ it is about transforming perceptions of ourselves and the world around us, moving deeper into a place of integration and wholeness.

Tantra is a practice of transforming through embodied awareness. This means, in simple terms, rather than contracting from or cutting out the things we find difficult in daily life that can potentially lead us into unconscious patterns, thoughts and actions, practitioners of tantra cultivate awareness in order to transform and ultimately integrate that which is challenging and difficulty into non-dual perception and wisdom.

“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is YOU. You are the traveler and you are the destination” ~ Osho

This is the purpose of Tantra as a pathway and there are many vehicles (tools and processes) that we can utilize in order to travel along it.

Tantric Bodywork works on a very deep, trans formative level. It is for seekers of Truth who are committed to becoming more conscious and knowing themselves at a deeper level.

My approach to Tantric Bodywork is rooted in harnessing our natural gravity to drop into the core essence of ourselves and then allowing expansion to grow from there. One of the most common obstacles for those who choose spiritual or transformational paths is the tendency to grasp for methods that raise, expand, ascend and heighten consciousness without first establishing a strong inner foundation from which to grow from. Such practices often become ‘top heavy’, and are akin to building castles in the sand, making true sustainability and clear stability difficult to achieve. This is often characterized by a lot of intense spiritual ‘highs’ followed by repetitive emotional crashes and mental confusion or doubt.

Transformation is a very powerful and courageous path and it is necessary to build a strong connect to our inner core, so that we have a base to return to when the mind and emotional field require re-balancing.

Within this journey of Coming Home to ourselves, experience from my own personal practice and also from working with others has shown that many people do not feel safe being embodied. Quite often there can be an undertone of not even feeling safe being on the planet, let alone in our bodies or who we are as people. The practice of core acceptance, abundant self-compassion and experiential knowledge that our body (also an ‘earth’ element) can be a safe space are fundamental in supporting us to consciously integrate into our essential nature.

Tantric Bodywork is a skilled balance of directing clarity of intent and surrendering to allow and accept whatever needs and wants to arise. It is a wonderful secondary practice and works powerfully with other processes and spiritual paths ~ in particular, it holds a strong capacity to anchor transformation in the physical body and at a cellular level. Many of my clients also find that Tantric Bodywork is very potent and works beautifully in conjunct with Holistic Massage and Sacred Ceremony.


In Tantric session work, there is no objective other than to create a strong, grounded container through intention and clear understanding, so that you feel safe and relaxed enough to open up your body and sexual energy to gentle and honouring sacred touch. As sexual and emotional energy awakens, touch and awareness are invite the movement and opening of this energy throughout the body, helping to increase over all sensitivity, receptivity and awareness.

The session is a journey into intimacy, and most importantly a Journey into Yourself. There is no aim towards orgasm and/or ejaculation. This provides quite a different experience for most people and allows deeper emotions and experience to arise.

Essentially, Tantric Bodywork works through activating and moving potent energy residing in our root and sex centre throughout the entire physical and subtle bodies, helping to create an enlivened circuit of charged energy that can expand awareness, receptivity and sensitivity. As this occurs, blocks, armouring and kinks within physical, emotional and energetic systems are opened and released, allowing greater flow, reintegration and movement of conscious energy throughout the entire body. Our sex centre is the throne of our primal, creative energy and source of natural power. This creative force is where we come from and what we spend most of our embodied experience yearning to reconnect with. As we awaken and become more consciously anchored in our bodies, we are required to cultivate and integrate the totality of our energy system. This includes utilizing the potency and fertility of our sexual energy to expand and heighten our awareness and spiritual growth.

Tantric Bodywork can:

• assists with sexual, emotional and physical de-armouring • activate Kundalini energy • activate and cultivate the Bliss Body • repattern physio-sexual, emotional and mental responses • deepen intimacy with self and life • aid in mastering masculine sexual energy and opening feminine sexual energy • deepen and expand receptivity, awareness and sensitivity • allow the experience of totally receiving and being held • help to cleanse psychic and mental neurosis

Please visit my testimonials page to read what people are saying about my work!


Initial Holistic Massage Session and Consultation (2 hrs) ~ £200 Tantric Bodywork Session (2 hrs) ~ £400

Please be aware that I require a minimum of 48 hours notice for session cancellation, otherwise a 50% late cancellation fee will be applicable. Also note that at least one Holistic Massage session is a prerequisite before moving deeper into Tantric Bodywork practice ~ this allows us the opportunity to meet, connect and discuss your interest in Tantric Bodywork and to see if we are able to work together in this. It also enables trust, connection and opening to occur, which unquestionably allows for a deeper experience in Tantric work*

A note on session etiquette:

Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne when attending sessions.

I do not carry out session work with clients that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It is important that both our boundaries are honoured during our session time together. If this is not respected, I reserve the right to terminate the session at any given point.

Tantric Bodywork is not a sexual or escort service – please do not approach me for such services. Thank you


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