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A kundalini-tantra style of bodywork is a hands-on, energy based style of bodywork where a space is held for your emotional and physical body to communicate to you. The body creates a communication with the consciousness, allowing us to have OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING, insight and experience into our internal world, seeing any unprocessed feelings and trauma we have been storing in the body, as well as ineffective habits and ideas we have been functioning out of, in order to clear and pave the way for transformation. It uses kundalini energy (life force energy) to remove any obstructions to your most powerful, present, purposeful Self. The removal of these obstructions is essential for you to be able to be in your true embodied power and presence – spiritually, sexually and relationally.

“The mystery begins with our history. Although the physical body travels forward chronologically, one’s emotional consciousness always lingers at any point of departure. Before we can fully surrender to the mystery, we have to go back and heal the wounds and memories that obstruct us. This is the ‘power of then.’ We’ve got to be there then, before we can be here now.” Jeff Brown

Often times, our feelings tell us what we need to change but we are not receptive to their message. A Kundalini-Tantra style of bodywork will enable you to feel your feelings and experience an inward journey toward opening the heart and body in places where emotional tension, fear, guilt, shame and trauma is being held. As the energy accumulates, vibrates and begins to create more space, the body releases what no longer serves. Your feelings and body tell you whatever you need to know to move forward emotionally, allowing you to have insight into unprocessed feelings or trauma in your nervous system. From this place, you can begin to mature, discovering your true nature, and BECOMING YOUR OWN TEACHER/SHAMAN/GURU. You can begin a process of rewiring limiting beliefs so that you can create the changes necessary to live a more authentically, powerfully and joyfully.

An experienced, effective bodyworker does not DO anything. There is no doer. They trust that you have the answer within you and can be very present, holding space for whatever wants to be released and awakened. Energy is very tangible. It is a physical force. If you are really present, you can actually physically feel energy coming off someone’s body and physically feel energy moving from your hand. Its like when you have your hand in water, and you move your hand and the water is moving against your hand, thats what it feels to work with energy.

There must be a trust from both practitioner and client that the energy knows whats to do – it has its own intelligent way of moving to open up and free areas that are restricted.

‘If you can envision energy as being like water then in an energetic body work session, all this water floods into your body or your clients body and its going to push out that which has been storing in there. And if you can sound, breathe and move it out, or encourage your client to sound, breathe and move it out, then the most amazing clearing takes place!!! It follows the same principal of water flooding or gushing into the tunnel – its going to push out whatever has just been sitting in the tunnel.’ Sasha Cobra of Nitiyama Bodywork (paraphrashed)

Likewise, anything that was never yours to begin with, that you’ve collected throughout your life over the years will be pushed out. While its on its way out, when it gets to the surface, it will tell you (for the mind and body are inextricably connected) how you’ve been out of alignment with your true self, what the trauma is that you’ve been holding onto, what the feelings are that trail over your train of thoughts. You may even get pictures, or flashes from the past.

A scene where you were seven years old and something happened and it imprinted you with this idea that you were going to be abandoned, because you thought that you didn’t matter when that scene took place and from that point on you were living your life based on the untrue thought you are not good enough. And then you can talk about that after the bodywork session and work on re-patterning these limiting beliefs.

The body has spoken and now the consciousness can evolve beyond the story and shine the light of awareness into a wound that is now healing. This opens the door to the LOVE, FREEDOM and JOY that is your birthright.

The most important part of a bodywork session is guiding people to stay in their bodies… Reminding them to breathe, sound and move….sound/expression is so important. Encouragement and permission to cry, shout, scream, weep. This goes for your own practice when you are running energy through your own body without a practitioner being present. Stay present and in the body – and the key to staying present and in the body is Breath, Movement and Sound.

Such sessions include many benefits: removing the physical anchoroing of sexual trauma from the body, clearing sexual conditionings, including feelings of shame, guilt, old belief systems, etc., re-sensitizing the body, experiencing your egoless self, opening the heart centre, opening, clearing and rebalancing the energetic centresand resolving trauma and re-aligning to your true nature.

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