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Crygasm! Crying orgasms are a thing

From a tear rolling down your cheek to full blown bawling Emotional release during sex Can come as a bit of a shock especially if your sobbing your eyes out and you have no idea what's happening or why. There are many expressions of orgasmic releases. Crying during sex is one of these many forms especially if the crying starts during climax.

Chemically, orgasm can release natural substances like oxytocin and dopamine into our systems which, can signal us to feel emotions such as connection, love, and loss more deeply.

In tantric bodywork we create a container for emotions and stagnant energy to flow, you are invited to express what you are feeling. The tantric essence of the work allows you to have a deep inward process. When you connect with your being in such a deep level, parts of the body can communicate with you. The more we breath and let go the clearer the communication.

What is tantric body work

Tantra means to weave. But what are we weaving. In my practice I weave the expansion of consciousness and energy into my everyday living. Bodywork is a healing modalitity that uses motion, pressure and touch to re alignment the mental, emotional , physical bodies.

Tantric bodywork is a powerful for moving unprocessed trauma, the release of this trauma in a safe environment. This nesseasary for human evolution.

We all have triggers and most of us if not all have been traumatised in some shape or form.

When I say trauma what do I mean?

TRAUMA could be any event in your life that have a negative impact on you leaving you with a tangible sensation of helpless at that moment.

It could be a broken heart, an absent parent, a childhood event that really upset you at the time and many more similar situations.

These traumas are stored in the body, the genitals in particular also hold a lot of this unprocessed emotion. Even though trauma can be store anywhere in the body. I have found that there are some comman places just as the jaw, the throat and around the heart space.

A lot of the motions and movements that we use in sex can actually trigger this releasing of emotions. Orgasms can leave you in floods of tears. And you not knowing where this came from. And in particular why you crying right now.

Water holds memory, imaging all the toxic emotion we have had pent up in our body's all the time sitting energetically in our body's water. The vagina and womb space hold memory. While point of the vagina a being stimulated it awaken your body's cellular memory. The muscles tense, release and psychological wall can come down. When these wall come down the flood gates are open. Emotional release can express its self as crying, laughter, changes of breathing pattern and female ejactulation.

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