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Tantra Orgasmic but not sexual

When people ask the question, ‘what is Tantra?’, they are often surprised to find that the answer is not one of uninhibited sexual union. Sadly, in western countries, tantra is being presented in such a way that it is supposed to mean achieving sexual ecstasy. This reputation leads to many choosing to follow Tantra because they wish to fulfill their sexual needs; the reality is that authentic Tantra is a lifelong spiritual journey.

Tantra means you are able to harness your vital force or sexual energies to make things happen. Tantra is transformative and by learning the techniques of authentic tantra and incorporating tantric practices into your daily life you can revitalise your whole body, mind and spirit.

Through Tantra you can optimise your thinking, making your mind razor sharp and at the same time, if you use tantric techniques to focus your energies work upon your heart, you will be able to expand your ability to give and receive love and burst forth with enormous love that is deeply overwhelming. Tantra is also capable of giving you great strength, for if you focus upon the strengthening and renewal of the physical body then Tantra can help you to manifest enormous power or to help heal itself, or you can make your energies align and release negative emotions so that you can experience bliss in daily life in body, mind or emotion; this is also tantra.

So, tantra is not some weird nonsense or some sort of sexual cult. Instead, it is an ancient knowledge with great capability. Tantra gives great possibility. Indeed Tantra is a spiritual process that is as boundless as it is difficult to easily define. Through Tantra you can move your energies and ignite your orgasmic potential for life.

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