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Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy is Feminine in nature, a creative powerful force that can inspire songs, write speeches and give rise to some of the most brilliant ideas. It is the fuel of muses, and as much as it is a creative force, it can also be a destructive one.

For the general western population, experiencing Kundalini energy is often confused with a Kundalini awakening. An awakening is best described as a non-dualistic or spiritual experience, an aha moment of “I am one with everything”. Working with Kundalini energy can give insights into the nature of oneness but the experience is fully within our sense of separate self.

Both are profound and a cause for celebration, but the difference between using Kundalini energy and having a Kundalini awakening should be understood.

Kundalini energy

Kundalini energy can help to clear your energetic channels and pathways, allowing more Chi, Prana, and life force to flow through you.

Involuntary shaking, asanas, mudras, and orgasms can be caused by mild experiences of Kundalini. Using this energy without proper knowledge can do more harm than good. This is why it’s essential to work with an experienced practitioner.

Limiting the amount of Prana used in a session coupled with breathing and other techniques takes away the risk of damage to the nervous system, a premature awakening, or too much Kundalini getting stuck in the body.

Long periods of violent shaking and emotional catharsis with no support for integration is unhealthy. There are various techniques that we can use to reduce involuntary movements while still using them to release blocks in the energy system.

You can view a mixture of videos at including clients who have very open energetic bodies, clients who experience shaking caused by physical and energetic blocks, and clients who do not move at all but still experience transformation.

Clients may still shake violently, similar to an exorcism or fit. As long as proper preparation and education is used at the start of the session and these moments are kept short and dealt with professionally, then there is little to no risk as long as the person has none of the counter-indications (preexisting illnesses).

Some schools teach and encourage these violent bodily shaking movements and say that they are deeply healing. Others say they are damaging and years of yoga and meditation are required to prepare the body and the nervous system. They believe we should never involuntary shake or move in such a way, but self-realise and reach enlightenment through discipline.

Personally, I love it when my body shakes and moves, it gives me pleasure, it opens my awareness and raises my vibration.

As a practitioner and therapist I’ve seen peoples bodies react in all manners of ways. From their feedback and through working with individuals over a continuous period, I would say involuntary shaking facilitated with care is a beneficial and transformative experience. Even when minor physical infections have been triggered after the sessions through the lymphatic system releasing excess toxins, the clients have expressed gratitude for being able to release it from the body and to feel their internal emotional relationships change. A few clients expressed that they opened up to a level of vulnerability that they where not ready to deal with after the session. They did not have enough people to support them, and did not want to immediately reach out for help. I since changed my working practices to prevent this from happening. Occasionally after sessions some clients feel to much energy in their body that can stop them from sleeping, and they request further solo exercises to releases it.

I don’t believe that most people want to, or have the time to pursue enlightenment through a Kundalini awakening as certain schools see as essential for anyone working with Kundalini energy. The benefits of this work can be incredibly healing and transformational and many people need this now. The world needs the massive transformational change that Kundalini energy brings.

Done correctly Kundalini energy helps

  1. Develop the nervous system to move more energy.

  2. Clear negativity, and to let go of old patterns and addictions.

  3. Take pain and trauma out of the body on a cellular level, reprogramming cells to a higher vibration.

  4. Manifest intentions.

Done incorrectly Kundalini energy can

  1. Can damage the nervous system.

  2. Increase our shadow. If we have a lot negativity, poor diet and addictions, then harmful thoughts and emotions can come up when ‘too much’ Kundalini energy runs through the system cleansing us.

  3. Induce a partial Kundalini awakening before the body has been cleaned and purified, and before the pain and trauma has been taken out of the body. Instead of creating a beautiful dream we create a living nightmare. Many people who are hospitalised for mental illnesses have had or are having some kind of premature Kundalini/spiritual experience.

  4. Manifest shadow intentions.

This is why practices like Kundalini Yoga come with specific diets and disciplines: to clean the body and mind of a person in-order to get them ready for an awakening.

Kundalini is a unique energy that is activated when conditions are right within a person, and the body has an excess of Prana. It is different to the energy that comes down through the crown of the head, it is different to the energy people channel when they work with Reiki, and it is different to Chi, Prana and life force, although it is activated by them.

Chi, Prana and life force energy are all basically the same, although they have subtle differences and frequencies that we can learn to develop and use.

Kundalini is pure, raw, untamed and primal. It can only be activated by another form of energy. It can merge heaven and earth through our bodies, and through our consciousness. This is something that can only be experienced and not explained. With each experience the merger becomes more deeply-rooted.

Ultimately Kundalini energy helps us evolve, even in its smallest degree. Knowing how to use it is a powerful gift.

Kundalini awakening

Very simplified, the metaphor of Kundalini energy is two snakes that weave in and out of each other as they travel up the spine (the Sushumna).

If the snake Ida wakes up then we will have more Feminine extra sensory powers, or Siddhis, such as clairvoyance and healing.

If the snake Pingala wakes up then we will have more Masculine powers such as telekinesis.

Which Siddhis or extra sensory powers relate to the Masculine and Feminine sides of the hemisphere differ depending on where you look. But the point remains, the same as working with Kundalini energy that a partial Kundalini awakening can drive evolution.

If both Ida and Pingala awake momentarily, then our sense of individuality falls away and we merge with oneness, we taste self-realisation, Shakti becomes one with Shiva, and then they separate again. Shakti returns to earth with a part of Shiva inside her. When we return to our dualistic reality we need to integrate these experiences into our everyday life, allowing our newly attained enlightened perspective to be more prominent here on earth, guiding our choices and actions each day.

It is rare for both Ida and Pingala to awake permanently. Without making light of the matter, it is my personal belief that when this happens we should be able to walk on water, levitate, fly, part oceans and heal the sick. Bring the dead back to life and manifest matter out of light and light out of dark. To have a permanently and fully awakened Kundalini is a kin to being a God in human form. Since no being with this level of awareness would need a human form, I believe there to be no or very few people who have attained it and are still with us today.

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