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Sacred Tantric Massage

Our Sacred Tantric Massage is a an unique experience of connection, ecstasy, glowing and relaxation. It’s intimate, sacred and erotic massage. It will awaken your senses, making you feel nurtured, loved and cared for.You can take off as much or as little clothing as you feel comfortable with. Our priority is that you feel fully comfortable during your session.

Silk and feathers will gently caress your body as soothing background music plays. The touch is soft, slow and conscious. You will feel different sensations with cold blowing, nails touch, feather touch, warm oil massaged into your skin by sensitive hands, skin on skin will stimulate your skin’s receptors. Use of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are also applied.

I will invite you to set your boundaries before your massage:

Sacred Tantra Massage does not become sexual and there are some points to consider:

  1. The therapist will be there as the ‘giver’ and you will be there as the ‘receiver’, so stay passive.

  2. The massage is an opportunity for you to focus in your own body sensations, rather than in your therapist as a ‘sex object’.

  3. Your therapist will explore specific tantric strokes to allow the sexual energy to travel through the whole of the body, in a relaxed way. The focus is on aliveness and presence rather than release.

  1. The goal is not to reach physical orgasm but to raise and flow the sexual energy in the body and experience a full energetic body orgasm.

  2. The full body orgasm is the experience of feeling your whole-body vibrating with orgasmic energy.

  3. There is a sense of beauty, love, connection and quality of innocence during the massage.

  4. The therapist and client will always hold space, so the massage has a sense of beauty and love.

What it is

  • IIt’s a full body head to toe massage

  • It’s safe, loving and soft

  • It’s fun, joyful and creative

  • It’ s sensual, passionate and alive

  • It’ beautifully erotic in the same time spiritual

  • It’s silent, holistic and relaxing

  • It’s nurturing and caring

  • It’ s a conscious touch

  • It’s an opportunity to welcome all feelings

  • It’s breathing

  • Its an opportunity for sexual energy to flow.

  • It’s a hug and a smile


What is not

  • No intercourse

  • No oral

  • No snogging

  • No sexual talking

  • Not a Brothel’s service

  • Not an escort’s service

  • Not a girlfriend experience

  • No forceful

  • Not rushed

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