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Why not try sacred tantra massage

Sacred Tantric Massage, a magical and unforgettable experience... Art of Sensual Touch is a tool for awakening the senses and bringing you into a new awareness of ecstasy and bliss that can take you beyond the senses and into a direct experience of yourself as Love. Explore the 'Sacred Art of Tantra' in a safe, respectful, fun and relaxed space! Tantra is a unique spiritual path that celebrates sexuality, integrating Spirit, Heart and Sex: Connecting our emotions and sexuality with meditation and spirituality. For ladies, gentleman and couples Sessions offer elements such as Tantra healing massage, Taoist Control Technniques, Spiritual Guidance, Meditation, Visualisation, Transformative Breathwork work and Chakra balancing . We offer a genuine Tantra Experience, a massage that calms the organs as well as the mind, leading you towards peace and releases you into a state of bliss. A Tantric Massage transforms our sexual energy into a force that is positive and other areas of our lives are affected in positive ways.


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